Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is eWoFF Network?

eWoFF Network is a network of sites and services targeted towards family and friends. eWoFF is for Web of Family and Friends. The site was created in 1999 when everything was "e" something!

The sites of eWoFF Network include eWoFF.com, WeightChart.com, nvytr.com, eShareNow.com, and ThinkingofYouNow.com.

eWoFF.com has Diaries, Photo albums, Conversations, Whereabouts, LifeLog, and more! You can use these features for yourself, share them using one-to-one permissions, or send them out.

WeightChart.com is a comprehensive wellness site that offers weight tracking, milestones, calculators including BMI and BMR, chart sharing, nutrition information, notes, and more. This site also offers Wellness Together services for groups and professionals.

nvytr.com is a site for events. It offers invitations, RSVP, oraganization lists, maps, and repeating events.

eShareNow.com and ThinkingofYouNow.com offer thoughts and inspirations.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

nvytr.com near the launch

nvytr.com, eWoFF Network's site for events is nearing launch. The site has been available for limited use for last few days. We are starting to buy limited traffic from Google. After much delay, an interim design is currently being implemented. Most of this design will be out on the site within next day or two. We will increase our marketing and start limited production use of the site next week.

In addition to RSVPs, this site has rich functionality for collaboration for an event. It allows the host to setup a list of things needed for the event. This may be food, equipment, responsibility, etc. The site also has rich conversation and photo capabilities. nvytr.com also has powerful capabilities for recurring events. Rather than targeting for a once a year birthday party, we are targeting once a week soccer game!

As always, your current eWoFF Network account works on nvytr.com.