Thursday, February 14, 2013

eWoFF Network Restored

Early this evening, our network connectivity was restored. We sincerely regret any inconvenience from the outage. We will work with our provider to understand the issue.

Thank you for your patience and using the sites and services of the eWoFF network.

Update at 2:25 Central Standard time.

Our network provide is working hard to restore the connection. The outage is broad-based for many of their Chicago customers. We hope to back online very soon. Again, no data is at any risk. All servers are healthy and fully backed up. We sincerely regret this outage.

11:23 AM Central Standard time
We sincerely regret our current network outage. All eWoFF Network sites and services are unavailable.
We will post updates to this log as they are available from our provider.
No data is at risk.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Daddy DNS issue - Resolved

The DNS issue was corrected by Go Daddy within 2-3 hours. We regret the issue. We will add alternate DNS servers to our domains. Thank you for your patience.

We regret the the technical issue with Go Daddy domain name servers. Our domain names are served by Go Daddy.

If you have trouble resolving, please access the site a
If you have trouble resolving, please access the site a
If you have trouble resolving, please access the site a

Our site and servers are working fine.

We will keep you updated and also seek out alternate DNS servers.

Thank you for your patience and using sites of the eWoFF, the Together Network

Friday, November 12, 2010

Network Restored

We sincerely regret our network outage.

The network is fully restored.

The outage was cased by actions of an AT&T technician. The nature of his actions made it very difficult to trace the error.

We will work towards adding redundancies to our network.

Again, we sincerely regret the outage.

Friday, May 28, 2010 Starts Marketing of Together Services is starting marketing of WeightChart Together services. With light purchase of qualified traffic and additional resources for pilot groups, the site if first focusing on Together services for employers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 weight loss press release

The following press release is put out by this afternoon: Users Show an Average Weight Loss of 11 lbs

April 22, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA

An analysis of the weight data of all returning users of shows an average weight loss of 11 pounds.

Analysis of all returning registered users shows an average weight loss of 11 lbs. The users that used the site for between six and 12 months lost an average of 17.1 lbs. Even more remarkably, the users who added between 50 and 100 wellness entries lost 22.9 lbs on average.

Additional details are available at the following link: users likely practice nearly all known strategies for weight loss and wellness. The company contends that these averages show that tracking and visualizing can contribute greatly to most wellness and weight loss strategies. is the premier free web resources for wellness. The website was launched in August 2008 and currently has more than 60K registered users. In addition to weight and wellness tracking, offers nutrition information, services for employers, growth charts for children, and health calculators.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amazing weight loss results and!

Review the weight loss results of all returning users at the following link:

Average for all returning users 11 lbs!, those using the site for 6-12 months 17 lbs, and those having entered weight more than 50 times 22 lbs!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Script caching should speed up things!

Most of the eWoFF Network sites use large and complex script code that runs in your browser. We made several passes at trying to cache as much of this script code as possible on your browser. When cached properly, browser just uses what it has rather than downloading it again.

This afternoon, we finally have everything working. You should see faster performance. The client still process a lot of data that is slow on older computers. We will continue to work on performance of all eWoFF Network sites. You should see clear improvements on,, and

Thank you for using the sites of the eWoFF Network for family and friends.